Thursday, January 06, 2005

2005 - Try Being Fit and Healthy

There are a lot of things I may be missing to share.
Whew! That's whole December 2005, no blogs.

Actually, I have a lot of things I supposedly would
like to tell and record but I am on a reflection mode
last month on how I would like my blogging system
would be and just went free from blogs and move on
things the pre-blog way.

To start the year positively, I have listed some realizable,
do-able, and measurable resolutions. Resolutions are not
always that bad as long as you stay close to reality of your
plans. But I won't be talking it here yet topics such as those.

Instead, you may want to try this out first. A resolution to
exercise for the next 12 weeks. Actually a Fitness Challenge
program from MIT community. Well, we can adopt it also.

Me, I plan to dive with the challenge. At least 30 minutes a
day of activity above a normal pace. Here's also a link to
Exercise Ideas. Enjoy! Also, Happy New Year!