Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pechay tastes good!

Yes, its really been a while since I last posted.

I am into two investigatory projects.
Feasibility studies that were assigned to us by our project lead
in coordination with our mother company.

On the first one, we went halfway but was postponed to give
priority to the second one. So I was joined into the second team.

Moreover, I am doing some school works aside from my
professional day job.

Been resting for a while and spending good time with Family.

Oh, our small backyard garden now bears fruit. Not fruit
actually but vegetables. We have already harvested Pechays
and some plants are still growing like Tomato, Okra, Green Peas,
Malungay, Kangkong, Sweet Potato... simple and enjoyable stuffs.

I am also looking into a different application for blog I think, not just
blogs but possible to include grouped notes, etc... I think the way
I post info on the web is not exactly blog but notes... I like to have
a notebook-like system, a planner... something like that of the

Anyway, keep you posted next time. By the way, there is
also an upcoming JLPT this December 5, 2004. I am going to
take Level 4. I will try pass it even though our company give
priority this time to Level 3 takers so we don't have class for
November. I'll darely target Level 2 by September 2005 =) Hehe.