Thursday, November 25, 2004

Note taking

Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention
but in my case, currently, I am just surverying
existing tools out there.

I am looking for a better way to organize notes,
personal information... I like Extreme Programming
way adapted to a lot of things. Like learning. Its
nice to write early and evolutionize and even discover
unexpected things. Its give you small accomplishments
along the way, it allows you to adjust and reflect, and
be excited of what good things may come.

Let me check on Microsoft's OneNote, but they
said its good to use on a TablePC because you can
use ePen there.

How about hurrying up Sacha Chua to develop
a prototype of a more integrated, yet light, and effective
Personal Information Manager. I wonder what will she
call it? SachaNote? =) Not a prediction but possible.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pechay tastes good!

Yes, its really been a while since I last posted.

I am into two investigatory projects.
Feasibility studies that were assigned to us by our project lead
in coordination with our mother company.

On the first one, we went halfway but was postponed to give
priority to the second one. So I was joined into the second team.

Moreover, I am doing some school works aside from my
professional day job.

Been resting for a while and spending good time with Family.

Oh, our small backyard garden now bears fruit. Not fruit
actually but vegetables. We have already harvested Pechays
and some plants are still growing like Tomato, Okra, Green Peas,
Malungay, Kangkong, Sweet Potato... simple and enjoyable stuffs.

I am also looking into a different application for blog I think, not just
blogs but possible to include grouped notes, etc... I think the way
I post info on the web is not exactly blog but notes... I like to have
a notebook-like system, a planner... something like that of the

Anyway, keep you posted next time. By the way, there is
also an upcoming JLPT this December 5, 2004. I am going to
take Level 4. I will try pass it even though our company give
priority this time to Level 3 takers so we don't have class for
November. I'll darely target Level 2 by September 2005 =) Hehe.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tips in Embedded Debugging

Here's an article that shares
ten secrets of embedded debugging.

1. Know your tools
2. Find memory problems early
3. Optimize through understanding
4. Don't put needles in your haystack
5. Reproduce and isolate the problem
6. Know where you've been
7. Make sure your tests are complete
8. Pursue quality to save time
9. See, understand, then make it work
10. Harness the beginner's mind
11. Know your tools (11th)

Monday, November 08, 2004


A1 - project investigation, driver development
B1 - japanese conversation reader, japanese today
C1 - .net winform development
C2 - get dcs materials this lunch

1. One thing is common on last Saturday's company Sportfest,
everyone's body's aching =). A full day blast in a year. Hehe.
Our team, Mizu (Water) team won 2nd in Basketball. The event
was held at Alta Vista Golf & Country Club in Pardo, Cebu.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


A1 - study how a failover, load balancing software is possibly implemented
on a storage area network with disk array subsystem
B1 - Nihongo class - L9

- Uta ga suki desu kara, mainichi karaoke e ikimasu =).

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


A1 - Adverbs, Adverbial Expressions (Japanese)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Why I like visiting U.S. school websites

When I was in College, studying in the Philippines for my bachelor
degree w/c started year 1995, I already started using the Internet.
A time wherein it is starting to get into the mainstream.

I was a member of our school's Center for Network Management Services
or CNMS for short. It is Cebu City's first ISP provider and founding member
of PHnet.

I was introduced to the Internet not by using Internet Explorer, but by
Lynx, Gopher, Archie... on Unix machines. That time I got the opportunity
to visit U.S. universities w/c have website.

I tried to learn what's going on in their schools, in the Electrical/Computer
engineering departments. It was onced my dream to pusue graduate
studies at no less than an Ivy-league school. Back then, I am already aware
of Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, MIT, RPI,... In a way, my
horizon got wider early in college.

I'd like to relate this story on how U.S. school websites guided and inspired
me in my education. Let's take the case of MIT which happens to be one
of the favorite sites I am still visiting up to this day.

For me, MIT break in to what a web window to the world could be.
I like the idea of having a daily different mainpage with a daily feature
spotlight topic. It delivers a dynamic theme. MIT challenged the world
of education to bring about knowledge to everybody beyond the limits of
money and distance. It conceptualized and opened OCW - OpenCourseWare,
a program wherein MIT's course would be put online free to everybody.
Its understands the idea that someday, its not anymore a matter of
having an educational material or not but on how one make the most use of it.

Hopefully, young contemporary students at schools could make use of
this U.S. school websites and learn from them and be inspired to pursue
high aspirations.

Most Studied Foreign Languages

Do you know what are the most studied foreign languages?
(Data derived from U.S. schools only.)

Language Fall 2002 Enrollments % Change From 1998

1. Spanish 746,267 13.7%
2. French 201,979 1.5
3. German 91,100 2.3
4. Italian 63,899 29.6
5. American Sign Language 60,781 432.22
6. Japanese 52,238 21.1
7. Chinese 34,153 20.0
8. Latin 29,841 14.1
9. Russian 23,921 0.5
10. Ancient Greek 20,376 24.2

Source: Association of Departments of Foreign Languages at the Modern Language Association, Foreign Language Enrollments in United States Institutions of Higher Education, Fall 2002.

How about widely spoken languages in the world?