Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Why am I blogging here at the Blogger?

Hey, I am asking that too to myself.

What I would like to post is more on .NET technologies,
specifically .NET Best Practices. Then why here? Why not?

Actually I am thinking of joining either the weblogs.asp.net or theSpoke
or even theSpoke Japan. They're the community I might fit more, then why here?

I attempted at weblogs.asp.net, yet there is a long queue and Scott Watermasysk
told me if I can wait. For theSpoke, its intended more for students in universities,
though I am still studying and at the same time working, and could join
there. Its not even an absolute rule to be a student.

But what made me decide to join Blogger is that, I intended to post beyond
.NET. I would like to include Japanese Language items and Daily tasks
and notes.

I have a feeling that posting here at the Blogger could have an unexpected
response if any. Though I hope there is someone out there that could be
interested as well with the items I mentioned, its okay if at least I'll have a
place to post thoughts and be able to access them online.

Also, I am curious during that time when I started, how Google developed its
Blogger. I would like to experience the usablitity design of the application,
which the company is known to be good at. Having Gmail recently also made me
like to patronize Google because I do believe there is effective improvements
to come with this application.

Currently, I am satisfied though I have some wishes that Blogger should have
extended its features based on anticipating different needs of different types of
users and not only general ones probably. Lastly, its also like
"a bag of chocholates", you'll never know what you might be reading on
the next blog link - that I consider exciting.