Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What's with Embbeded Systems?

One of the topic I'd like to understand is Embedded Systems Development.

Coincidentally, our former officemate, now in Carnegie Mellon University
taking up MS is joining the team of Philip Koopman and most likely be attending
Embedded Systems education, research or development.

The topic I first would like to understand and put here supposedly is
"What's Exciting about Embbeded Systems?" but among the links there that
I scanned, I got into reading about "The Challenges in Embedded Systems
Research & Education" and on the abstract "Developing a Software
Architecture for Graceful Degradation in an Elevator Control System."

Here are the keypoints:

1. Embedded Systems = Computers Inside a Product
2. Its about the application, Not the technology
3. Primary End Products of Embbeded Subscribers - 1st is Communications
4. Typical Embedded Systems Constrains
- Small Size, Low Weight
- Low power
- Harsh environment
- Safety-critical applications
- Extreme Cost Sensitivity
5. Research on Robust Self-Configuring Embbeded Systems