Monday, October 25, 2004

Software project ideas - A

It is interesting to think of worthwhile software projects
and come up with a design and possibly, a prototype.

Let me share to you some software product ideas from the contestants
and winners of Imagine Cup 2003 (1st) and 2004 (2nd - Brazil).

1. AutoShop (Software Design - Winner IC 2003)

Imagine going to the supermarket and not having to bring your shopping list -- because it appears on a video screen on your shopping cart. Imagine your "smart cart" letting you know when you come to items you want to purchase, and directing you through the store to items on your shopping list. Imagine the smart cart letting you know when your friends are also shopping in the store. Finally, imagine skipping the line at the checkout -- because your smart cart has already totaled your purchases and lets you pay by touching a button on the screen.

2. SmartCenter.NET (Software Design - Winner IC 2004)

A low-cost smart home automation platform, built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, that enables its user to automate functions such as managing energy consumption, watching home security cameras from a Pocket PC or remotely controlling house functions.