Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Openers & Fillers (Japanese)

Often used in conversations. Openers as signals that you are about to
say something, or to smoothen communication. Fillers are usually
for pauses or hesitation. Here are some frequently used.

Marking a new topic
Sore de - So
De - So (informal)

Saying something off the topic
Tokorode - By the way
Hanashi wa chigaimasu ga - To change the subject
Hanashi chigau kedo - To change the subject (informal)

Adding to the current topic
Tatoeba - For example
Iikaereba - In other words
Souieba - Speaking of
Gutaiteki ni iu to - More concretely

Bringing up the main topic
Jitsu wa - The fact is ~, To tell the truth

Shortening the preliminary topics
Sassoku desu ga - May I come straight to the point?

Introducing someone or something you have just noticed
A, Aa, Ara - "ara" is mainly used by female speakers

Note: "Aa" can also be used to show that you understand.

Hesitation Sounds
Ano, Anou - Used to get the listener's attention
Eeto - Let me see...
Ee - Uhh...
Maa - Well, say...

Asking for repetition
E (with a rising intonation) - What?
Haa (with a rising intonation) - What? (informal)