Friday, October 15, 2004

Filipino Tech Bloggers

I think it has been a year already since I
started reading blogs and only recently,
September 2004, I started to write also.

These are some of the Filipino Tech Bloggers
I enjoy reading:

-Sacha Chua
-Stanley Tan

And recently Sacha is on the nation newspaper, INQ7,
on an InfoTech aricle entitled: "Sacha and the art of tech blogging"

She shared good point of views on blogging.

- memory aid, personal information mangement
- tool for keeping up with family & friends
- capture learnings for the day, ever more - sharing it
- learn much if you write things down
- learn from people, lead other people lives
- publishing task list, gain feedback/help, achieving goals, less procastinating ;-)
- learn new fresh things
- it doesn't have to be public, can use to store whatever you need to remember
and a way to reflect on each day.

As Sacha would say, "... you'll find that your blog will grow to be a wonderful

Side note: I am not remembering actually any URLs of these
blogs, all I do is just fire up Google and then type in the keyword
i.e. sacha wiki, theSpoke punzki, theSpoke Stanley, theSpoke Howard.

This brings me to a realization that "keywords" are important in
managing information. Should there be a tool that manage keywords
that manages information then that would be very useful.