Friday, October 22, 2004

Destination: Grand Majestic

Today, is more or less the official closing of Lightwell - Job Order Module
project. 'More or less' because we still need to support it after for needed fixes if any.

It spanned for about 3 months, it is the module given to ADTX
Systems, Cebu by Lightwell, the IT arm of Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

We are celebrating! The Japanese clients here in Cebu is going to treat us to a
Peking Duck Buffet at Grand Majestic this noon. Hehe =). Thanks thanks!

I have a very good feedback on this project, as our Project Leader and at
the same time a Business Unit Manager is very effective in keeping up the team
to completion. Dave can do leading and technical stuffs as well. Its a very
positive experience. Again... yupee... Congratulations to the team!