Saturday, October 16, 2004

250 Essential Kanji For Everyday Use

"250 Essential Kanji For Everyday Use," is the title of the book
I just borrowed today from the company shelve.

In addition to around 80 Kanji I go over this morning, I plan on moving
futher using this textbook. As I do that, I'll post Kanji items here from time to time.

Also, let's post the Kanji in used/compound form. Start familiarinzing with
Japanese Kana (Hiragana & Katakana) as it will for sure be used here.

To begin with
Lesson 1: Let's Eat. なにか たべましょう。
(Numerals, prices)

As in many other countries, eating out in Japan is a popular alternative to cooking at home. There are a variety of restaurants, with the most popular being soba-ya (soba shops), shokudoo (inexpensive eateries), and famirii resutoran (family restaurants). In most shokudoo one can order simple Japanese, Western, or Chinese meals. Plastic models of some of the dishes are usually displayed with the prices in an outside showcase. In this lesson you will learn how to write numersls in Kanji, since this is how they are written in restaurant menus, newspapers, books written vertically, and various other documents.

電話 (三九〇二) 五七九一 = Tel: 3902-5791
コーヒー 三百円 = coffee 300 yen
ライス カレー 六百三十円 = curry and rice 630 yen
ラーメン 五百円 = ramen 500 yen
うどん 四百七十円 = udon 470 yen
そば 四百八十円 = soba 480 yen

一二三四五六七八九十 = 1,2,3,...,10
百 = 100, 円 = yen