Friday, October 15, 2004


Yesterday is a busy day at work. Have blog not one.
Also, its my Birthday ;-), though I still came to office.
They'll still be calling me if I opt to have a VL. We are
on the testing stage of our project.

I am testing for the first time Blogger's Email-To-Blog feature.
Emailing from my Gmail account to a corresponding Blogspot email.

Let's check out the result of this email post. How could I set the font through this method? (Note: I already edited the font to Small .)

- A1 Test four modules
- B1 Answer assignment in Japanese
- B2 Review the 80 basic Kanji.
- C1 Setting goal meeting for the 4Q with Dave.
- C2 Reply to Sacha's email - YKC.
- C3 Reply to Boboy's email - Fukuoka.