Monday, October 04, 2004


- A1 100% Coding on ManufactureWorkCardEdit (Project)
- A2 Debug and test ManufactureWorkCardEdit (Project)
- A3 Japanese class 13:00-15:00 (Japanese)
- B1 Email JITSE (wait for reply)

- B2 Identify 5 items for JITSE PM Review - give to Ryerod
- C1 Call Jiji if cooking stove set were delivered - 16:00
- C2 Buy house hardware needs - 18:30

- (Japanese)
やさい  Vegetables
きゅうり cucumber
トマト tomato
なす egg plant
まめ beans, peas
キャベツ cabbage
ねぎ Welsh onion
はくさい Chinese cabbage
ほうれんそう spinach
レタス lettuce
じゃがいも potato
だいこん Japanese radish
たまねぎ onion
にんじん carrot