Thursday, September 30, 2004


- A1 80% coding on ManufactureWorkCardEdit module (Project)
- B1 Japanese Class meeting at 3pm.
- B2 Pack things, were moving to a new house this Saturday
- C1 File pending OT, LOA.
- C2 Japanese song of the week by Yuka sensei - "Everything" - Misia

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


- A1 60% coding on ManufactureWorkCardEdit module (Project)
- A2 Ask Yuka sensei for answers of the JLPT 4 practice test (Japanese)

- A3 Summarize usage of Particles, Forms, Adverbs, and Conjuctions (Japanese)
- B1 Get and check payslip from Sharon/Tse
- B2 Accomplish Training Agreement
- C1 Check out TheJapanesePage

- C2 Check out MIT's OCW's Japanese Courses

Monday, September 27, 2004

Here's my first sweet blog

I long been wanting to do this -- put thoughts online.
The way I look at it, its a place where one could set and accomplish things.

My name is Sim Gamboa III. I am a Filipino :-)

I plan on putting items on:
1) Daily TTD
2) ASP.NET/C#/Data management learnings
3) Japanese language learnings
4) Lighterside of life

This will serve as my online journal, and hopefully
a place where I'll get extreme on writing, that is, force me
to write as soon as worthwile thoughts come.