Friday, January 14, 2005



A1: DJ - MSWord, proposed solution, setup implemenation and results
A2: 1st Japanese Technical Terms exam (29/32)
A3: Watch internal Japanese Speech Contest 2:00pm - begginers, intermediate levels
B1: Draft outline of topics to review and study on ASP.NET, start with one
C1: MIS - 2 of 2 review for Midterms


2nd Japanese Technical Terms - Jan. 21, 2005

1.更新 - こうしん - Update
2.画面 - がめん - Screen
3.項目 - こうもく - Item

4.新規 - しんき - New
5.開く - ひらく - Open
6.処理 - しょり - Process
7.入力 - にゅうりょく - Input

8.必須 - ひっす - Mandatory
9.任意 - にんい - Optional
10.内容 -ないよう - Content
11.実行 - じっこう - Execute

12.参照 - さんしょう - Reference
13.存在 - そんざい - Existence
14.登録 - とうろく - Registration

Thursday, January 13, 2005



A1: DJ - new mail notification, [plan proposed solution, plan implementation and results]
A2: 1st MGM 2:00-4:00pm / review 1st Japanese Technical Terms
B1: OOAD - Object-Oriented Decomposition
B2: MIS - 1 of 2 review for Midterms
C1: Draft study plan for a .NET technology
C2: Blog about Google Answers - "Google Answers Researcher Work, Interesting"

Wednesday, January 12, 2005



A1: DJ - title, statement of the problem, abstract, introduction
B1: Japanese L13, ふくしゅう B
B2: Japanese Technical Terms - Jan 14, 2005
C1: OOAD - OO Decomposition
D1: 2nd 30-min Fitness Challenge
C2: MIS - Operational Plan, (Wed, Thu, Fri) Midterms Review


Japanese Technical Terms - Jan 14, 2004

1. 閉じる - と/じる - close (close)
2. 保存 - ほ/ぞん - save (preserve/believe)
3. 印刷 - いん/さつ - print (mark/print)
4. 送信 - そう/しん - send (send/truth)

5. 終了 - しゅう/りょう - end (end/complete)
6. 編集 - へん/しゅう - edit (editing/gather)
7. 削除 - さく/じょ - delete (sharpen/remove)
8. 検索 - けん/さく - search (investigate/cord)

9. 表示 - ひょう/じ - display (symbol/display)
10. 挿入 - そう/にゅう - insert (insert/enter) 
11. 引数 - ひき/すう - parameter (refer to/figure)
12. 関数 - かん/すう - function (connection/figure)

13.変数 - へん/すう - variable (change/figure) 
14. 条件 - じょう/けん - condition (item/case)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

2005 - Try Being Fit and Healthy

There are a lot of things I may be missing to share.
Whew! That's whole December 2005, no blogs.

Actually, I have a lot of things I supposedly would
like to tell and record but I am on a reflection mode
last month on how I would like my blogging system
would be and just went free from blogs and move on
things the pre-blog way.

To start the year positively, I have listed some realizable,
do-able, and measurable resolutions. Resolutions are not
always that bad as long as you stay close to reality of your
plans. But I won't be talking it here yet topics such as those.

Instead, you may want to try this out first. A resolution to
exercise for the next 12 weeks. Actually a Fitness Challenge
program from MIT community. Well, we can adopt it also.

Me, I plan to dive with the challenge. At least 30 minutes a
day of activity above a normal pace. Here's also a link to
Exercise Ideas. Enjoy! Also, Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Note taking

Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention
but in my case, currently, I am just surverying
existing tools out there.

I am looking for a better way to organize notes,
personal information... I like Extreme Programming
way adapted to a lot of things. Like learning. Its
nice to write early and evolutionize and even discover
unexpected things. Its give you small accomplishments
along the way, it allows you to adjust and reflect, and
be excited of what good things may come.

Let me check on Microsoft's OneNote, but they
said its good to use on a TablePC because you can
use ePen there.

How about hurrying up Sacha Chua to develop
a prototype of a more integrated, yet light, and effective
Personal Information Manager. I wonder what will she
call it? SachaNote? =) Not a prediction but possible.